Decaf Espresso Pods – 150/Box




Give your customers the morning boost they’re looking for with these premium decaf espresso pods. Made from only the finest beans, this finely ground espresso has a rich and robust flavor that will quickly become any coffee-lover’s favorite. The individual nitrogen-flushed packets ensure optimum freshness for each and every brew. It comes pre-ground, pre-tamped, and measured to the perfect proportion. The grounds are packed in between two pieces of filter paper so that you can simply toss the pod into your espresso machine to brew. Serve this espresso straight or use it to make flavorful cappuccinos, lattes, and iced beverages – no matter what coffee beverages your customers desire, this espresso is the perfect base.

These pre-measured pods ensure a consistent serving-size and espresso concentration with every brew. Since there is no grinding required, this espresso offers easy clean up and is virtually mess-free. Unlike other brewed coffee beverages, espresso has a thicker consistency, which makes for a bolder flavor. In addition, this espresso is decaf – great for customers wishing to avoid caffeine or who enjoy drinking espresso late in the day. Filled with natural antioxidants, espresso is a great morning beverage choice for your more health-conscious patrons as well! Ideal for busy diners, coffee shops, waiting rooms, and lobbies, these decaf espresso pods offer convenience you desire and the flavor your customers deserve.

Pod Dimensions:
Diameter: 1 3/4″
Thickness: 1/2″