Monin 1 Liter True Brewed Espresso Concentrate




Quickly and easily make popular espresso-based drinks with this Monin true brewed espresso concentrate! While it may be difficult to make lattes and mochas with the right balance of rich espresso flavor, this concentrate does the work for you so you’ll have a consistent drink every time. Simply fill a glass with ice and add 1 oz. concentrate, .75 oz. Monin flavoring syrup of your choice, and 5 oz. milk to make an iced latte. You can also use this concentrate to make frozen mochas and other specialty drinks with little to no specialty beverage equipment necessary. Each bottle makes approximately 25 drinks.

Packaged in a plastic bottle, this concentrate makes an excellent addition to any restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or cafe. It boasts a sleek appearance for an attractive shelf presence and can easily be paired with a compatible pump for quick, efficient service during peak serving hours.

Since 1912, Monin has had a passion for delivering premium products that simplify the beverage-making process. Their sense of innovation and creativity has led to a wide variety of flavors and recipes to suit any menu. Use this Monin true brewed espresso concentrate to craft superior beverages for your guests!